Herbert: Reloaded


A remake of a previous project, Herbert Bot.

Due to Discord releasing many new features since its initial creation, the bot was entirely remade from the ground up to include features like slash commands.

2022 - 2022

Mega Factory Tycoon


A Roblox-based "tycoon" game. Created as a testing grounds for a newly created tycoon framework.

This framework is intended to be used for some future projects. Though it still requires some new features and refinement.

2022 - Present

Terrain Generator


A Roblox-based portfolio project. The goal being to create a Minecraft-like world generator in order to learn more about Perlin Noise.

This will hopefully one day include things like foliage generation, biomes, etc.

2022 - Present

Dad joke bot


This project was created at the request of some friends. It's a small project but I did learn about interacting with external APIs

The bot pulls jokes from a sub-reddit and then relays that joke in the form of a Discord message.

2021 - 2021

Clicking Chaos


A Roblox-based "simulator" game. Created to put newly found Typescript knowledge to the test in the format of a video game.

The project recieved 4 content updates before being sunsetted due to a lack of popularity.

2021 - 2022

Noob Clicker


A Roblox-based "clicker" game. Created in just 2 weeks in order to get back into work after a break for the winter holidays.

The project ended up creating a small competitive scene due to its leaderboard feature.

2021 - 2021

Herbert bot


A Discord bot created to mimic the official "Trick'ord Treat" bot created in 2020.

An item is 'spawned' at random intervals, users compete to collect items and increase their score which is stored in a primative database.

2020 - 2021

Tower Fall


A Roblox-based tower defense game. The project taught me quite a lot about OOP and Metatables within Luau.

The project was never fully completed, though it may be revisited in future.

2020 - 2020

This website!


This site was created to both develop and showcase my knowledge in the web development area.

While this portfolio is not complete, it is seen as a "living project" due to its inherant nature of being updated.

2020 - Present